28 Feb, 2022

Celebrated across Australia and New Zealand, Retail Employer of the Year recognises businesses that embrace, promote, and have outstanding employment brands. 

Businesses campaign and generate votes by asking the general public, past and current employees a simple question: “If you could pick one brand or business to work for, who it would be?” The businesses with the most votes – submitted at voteretail.com, across each of the three categories are recognised and announced as Retail Employer of the Year Finalists and Winners. 

Two weeks into this year’s Retail Employer of the Year campaign, we’re excited to be sharing insights from last years REOTY Winners. 

This week’s Q&A was completed by Nicole Murphy, Talent and Onboarding Manager at Spendless Shoes, 2019 Retail Employer of the Year Finalist and Medium Category Winner. Nicole has been at Spendless Shoes for 5 “incredible” years where she comments, “so much has happened, I can barely believe it’s been that long!” Nicole has shared insights including 3 tips for businesses starting their employment brand positioning journey. 

Tell us what it’s like to work at Spendless Shoes:

Spendless Shoes believes in their people. I’ve had so much support during my time with the company. One of my favourite parts about working for Spendless has been watching other people develop and succeed. If you work here you need to be passionate and driven, and the constant change makes every day exciting! 

What does your business do to foster the culture that you aspire to have?

We live and breathe our Spendless values. Every role is important and so is every person. We celebrate the accomplishments of individual members and our many teams. Spendless rewards outstanding performances in every area of our business with promotions, award nights, and more. We carefully pick our superstar teams to create a fearlessly fun atmosphere.  

What do you think positions the Spendless Shoes employment brand to stand out or apart from your competitors?

We have diverse teams and roles within the business that work to accomplish our values. People choose Spendless because career development is available in any role, no matter which position you start out in! Spendless offers opportunities to foster your career, whether you have decades of experience in the industry or none at all. Our customers, products, and locations are diverse, so we embrace differences at Spendless. 

What do you believe is the biggest benefit to your business in relation to your employment brand?

Our biggest benefit has to be our people! Every member of our team works to boost our employment brand and make Spendless the best place to work. I’ve found that our legendary customer service has attracted many candidates to apply for positions because they recognise our amazing culture. 

If you were advising a business starting their employment brand positioning journey, what 3 tips would you give them to get started?

Firstly, identify your core values and the aspirations you have for your team. Secondly, bring people into your business that support and live by your values. Thirdly, deliver on your promises! 

Voting and campaigning for Retail Employer of the Year has opened! With voting open until Thursday, 31st October, there is still plenty of time to jump on board. Finalists and Winners will be announced in late November. For more information, contact your local Retailworld office or, visit voteretail.com.

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