28 Feb, 2022

This weeks’ Q&A has been completed by Shannon Aland, HR Manager Austin Group (GAZMAN, Cable Melbourne & Blazer). GAZMAN are first-time winners of Retail Employer Of The Year, taking out the 2021 Medium Category – Australia. Shannon has been with the company for 4 ½ years and has shared insights into GAZMAN and what they do to foster a great culture within their team.

Tell us what it’s like to work at GAZMAN?

GAZMAN has always been a welcoming, inclusive and supportive business. The product that GAZMAN offers our loyal supporters has always been a key focus, however, the focus around our dedicated team has never shifted. Our team are a part of our family. We have fun in our work day, love to get together and celebrate the wins and work-life balance is a strong focus for us.

What does GAZMAN do to foster the culture that you aspire to have?
Our values and behaviours are engrained from the beginning of a team members journey with the business. We lead by example and we empower and support our team to be the best they can be. We never stray from our cores values which we live and breath every day.

What do you think positions your employer brand to stand out or apart from your competitors?

We are an Australian owned and trusted brand. Our aesthetic and principles have always been our identity. Whether you are a candidate being interviewed for a role, or a valued long term customer, the impression has always been that we are authentic, passionate about what we do.

What do you believe is the biggest benefit to GAZMAN in relation to your employer brand?

The retail landscape has changed. Employees now understand the importance of joining an organisation that reflects their own personal values. They want to be motivated and inspired, feel that they have the opportunity to be able to make a difference and to be a part of the evolution of an organisation. We are a trusted, reliable brand that has never deviated away from the core values that have been engrained from the inception. A strong focus around the culture of is paramount for us.

If you were advising a business starting their employer brand positioning journey/or wanted to give their existing one a refresh, what 3 tips would you give them?

  1. Keep things simple. Don’t deviate from your core brand identity and ensure to develop strong company values that are transparent from the top
  2. Create a great experience for your candidates from the get-go – your candidates are also your customers!
  3. Develop a thorough and detailed induction/onboarding process and always check in with your team

Anything else you would like to add?
Come and join us on our journey!

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